Calibration of ultra-high pressures over the entire measuring range

The calibration of ultra-high pressures is a challenge. This is because conventional test instruments are only designed for pressures up to 1,000 bar. In many applications, however, sensors work with several times this value, for example in the automotive industry. If Intriguing want to calibrate such devices over the entire measuring range, WIKA has the solution: the model CPH7000 portable process calibrator in conjunction with the model CPT7000 reference sensor for pressures up to 10,000 bar.
A company from the automotive industry that develops and builds diesel engine injection pumps has now opted for this combination. The exact injection pressure is of critical importance for the power unit. The company therefore uses engine test benches for a sophisticated analysis of the combustion process. The pressure transmitters integrated into them, including the WIKA model HP-2, must precisely measure injection pressures of 3,000 bar, 5,000 bar and 7,000 bar.
Packaged solution, including hydraulic pressure pump and software
The combination for high-pressure calibration up to 10,000 bar: the model CPH7000 process calibrator in conjunction with the model CPT7000 external reference sensor
To maintain measurement quality, regular checking of the pressure sensors is indispensable. For this task, WIKA has put together a complete packaged solution for the calibration of measuring instruments for the highest pressures. In addition to the calibrator and the reference sensor, this includes a model CPP7000-X hydraulic pressure pump for generating the necessary test pressure. The technical equipment is supplemented by WIKA-Cal software for reading and processing the data. As a result, the company is also able to issue calibration certificates.
Measuring cell secured in a conical pressure port
The customer has integrated the set for calibrating their highest-pressure sensors into their calibration laboratory. In order to be able to calibrate measuring instruments, such as the sensors from the engine test bench, the reference has a special design: The break-proof thin-film cell of the model CPT7000 is not welded. Instead, it is securely fixed within a conical pressure port. The pressure element is therefore also insensitive to dynamic pressure profiles.
The highest-pressure reference can only be used in conjunction with the CPH7000 portable calibrator. With this, the company has an additional benefit: the possibility of on-site testing. In addition to calibration in the laboratory, the customer can thus determine, on the engine test bench directly, how the sensors behave when installed.
Detailed mapping of all test sequences
In addition, the CPH7000 opens up further possibilities. It is a multi-function instrument, with integrated electrical module and hand pump, which is also available with ATEX approval. In addition to calibrating pressure measuring instruments, the calibrator also fulfils test tasks for the measurands of temperature, voltage and current. Its powerful data logger displays every test sequence in detail. Live displays of the logging processes in numerical series, or as a graph, enable immediate identification of deviations.
Further information on the CPH7000 portable pressure calibrator and the CPT7000 reference sensor for highest pressures can be found on the WIKA website. There, you will also find information about the model CPG1500 precision digital pressure gauge, which can measure pressures of up to 10,000 bar. You would like to buy precision digital pressure gauges? In our WIKA online-shop you will find some of our standard designs. If you have any questions, your contact will gladly help you.
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