Powder puff shock: Methamphetamine-filled makeup case shocks salon in northeast Thailand

An intriguing incident happened yesterday in a beauty salon situated in Thammasat Alley, Udon Thani province when an unknown girl handed over a powder case to a fifty two yr previous woman. Astonishingly, the powder case turned out to be filled with 30 methamphetamine pills. Stunned by the invention, the receiver of the powder case, Patsakorn, instantly reported it to the police.
Patsakorn explained that an unfamiliar woman rode up to his wife’s magnificence salon and handed over the powder case, claiming it was a ‘good item’ gifted by a boss. After she shortly left, his spouse, assuming it was only a powder case, opened it to search out the medication and shortly alerted Patsakorn. The couple, having never encountered such a mysterious incident, feared being focused either for cash or drugs, and rushed to report it to the police.
The magnificence salon’s proprietor, forty three years old Ja Ae, pointed out the exact spot the place the unknown lady had left the drug-stuffed powder case. She was cleaning her salon in the morning when a 50 yr previous lady parked her scooter exterior and walked in. Thinking she was an everyday customer, Ja Ae requested her what services she wished.
The woman silently handed over the powder case, claiming her boss had given it to Ja Ae to attempt. After taking the case, Ja Ae requested the girl the title of her boss, to which the lady replied, “Just take it” and swiftly left on her scooter.
Ja Ae admitted she was puzzled.
“When I opened the case and found methamphetamine wrapped in a masks. I knew it was definitely the drug as a end result of I watch the information regularly.
“Initially, I considered throwing it away but determined to name my boyfriend as a substitute. He immediately came visiting, noticed the drug, and we reported it to the police immediately. In the seven years of working this salon, I’ve never skilled something like this.”

The salon’s safety digital camera recorded the girl driving a purple Honda Scoopy I scooter, showing nervous as she entered and exited the salon, and swiftly drove away.
After inspecting the CCTV footage, the investigation staff is ready to pursue the mysterious woman, reported KhaoSod.
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